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2017-02-24 17:02:52 by sketchsumo

I'm making pixel-art icons and bigger stuff, animated and still images. Paypal only. Message me for more info. Will make pixel-art of anything SFW or NSFW. 

Cant stop drawing...

2014-12-29 04:56:32 by sketchsumo

So, I've got this philosophy about drawing how practicing it is a state of mind. If you practice enough it becomes a state of being, kinda like lonliness. My point being, I've spent the past several days drawing/animating all damn day fueled by gallons of piping hot green tea. I've gone over the edge, but that's fine seeing how I want to make a living off drawing smut or cartoons. I can't even sleep because a little stylus bastard is running through my mind screamin, "touch me! Touch me you fuck!". Still, I've never been so happy.